Innovative Ways to Save Energy

There are so many ways to save energy in your home. Many of these ways you are surely aware of and there are also many methods which you may be unaware of. It never hurts to hear new, interesting ideas on how to save money. You can pick and choose the ideas or tips which will work best for your home and lifestyle. Many energy saving tips will be covered in this article.

The easiest way to save energy is to change out your incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs. They use approximately 75% less power resulting in a $40 savings over the life of the bulb. Please read the article on cfl’s here.

Another simple energy savings idea is to install opaque window blinds in your windows, especially the windows which get exposed to sunlight throughout the day. The window blinds should be kept closed during the day in the summer to help keep the rooms cool in turn helping the air conditioner from working overtime. You should keep the blinds open during the winter to let as much sunlight in as possible to allow the sun help heat up your house. A thick blind or one made of a solid material will help you have more control over how much sun you allow into the room.

Managing your air conditioner and heating system is one of the most critical ways to save energy. Using a programmable thermostat will give you maximum control over your climate control systems to help you avoid wasting energy. There is a great article here on programmable thermostats here.

It is also important to maintain your heating system to keep your furnace functioning at a high level of efficiency. Hiring a highly reputable heating company to evaluate your system and find where your system can be improved upon is a wise thing to do. Many forced hot air heating systems have leaks around joints which should be taped with foil tape. Do not use duct tape on ducting!!  You should consider replacing an old worn out AC unit or furnace with new ones. The old units may become inefficient and suck up too much energy to operate properly. New units are much more energy efficient.

A massive amount of heat and cooling is lost through the gaps and cracks around your doors and windows. Inspecting the doors and windows on the inside and out is vital to making your house efficient. Repair any gaping holes properly and caulk any gaps or cracks. Replace any worn weather sealing around doorways to eliminate any drafts which rob you of your heat or cool air.

Replacing single pane windows with double pane windows is one of the biggest ways to save energy you can do. When you replace the windows make sure the insulation is installed properly and that there are no gaps or crevices at all which do not have insulation in them. Do not pack insulation tightly as it needs to be “fluffy” to do what it is supposed to do. Insulation creates an air barrier between two different areas and the air trapped in the “fluffiness” is critical.

If you have an attic in your home, make sure the insulation is in optimal condition and is placed properly. Make sure the entry way into the attic is insulated as well. An attic fan will help in the summer to take heat out of the house and will also help prevent house fires. It is also a good idea to check the insulation in your basement if you have one. There should be insulation in the joists around the perimeter of your basement to keep heat from escaping and to keep cold air from entering the house in the winter. A shorter shower and using a dishwasher are two more ways to save energy. The shorter shower will save you on hot water.

A shorter shower with a water saving showerhead is even better. The water is heated by a water heater which uses gas, electricity, or heat from the furnace to heat the water. The less hot water you use the more you will save on these utilities.

Using a dishwasher is more efficient than hand washing dishes which will lead to more energy and water savings. That is not to mention it will save you time. Running your washer and dryer with full or near full loads is a more efficient way of doing your laundry. The washer obviously uses water and it uses electricity as well. The dryer uses either gas or electricity.

As you can see there are many ways to save energy in your home. It is important to save energy and money at the same time. There may be energy saving tips which are unique to your home and/or climate as well. Every house is unique and has its own “personality”. You have to listen to what your house is telling you about what is ailing it.

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