In developed countries, private cars have become the main means of transport. Besides, possession of materials such as modern cars is also a way to show people’s wealth. Therefore, many people are really interested in technology relating to automobiles, such as how to take care of a car effectively to maintain their cars appearance. However, not all of them can afford that hobby because the majority of car technology and care services cost a lot of money. Thus, many experts work out alternative methods with reasonable prices for everyone in different social levels such as car polish or car waxes especially the best car wax for black cars that comprise of the largest quantity of used cars. On the other hand, when the number of cars has increased dramatically in recent years, many countries have problems with social issues. That is why there is a number of alternative energy.

  • The eco-friendly cars

With the development of technology, many kinds of cars are run by alternative energy which is friendlier with the environment. In other words, many researchers invented air, electrical or water power cars which emit pure steam instead of carbon dioxide emission produced by fossil fuel. Cars are powered by being filled up with hydrogen that is easy to find everywhere in the world. Japan is one of the countries coming first in eco-friendly cars with an innovation called Toyota Mirai. This car appeared on markets in 2015 which is worked by hydrogen, but the price of this kind of car is quite expensive around £63,104 that is the reason why it is not still common in many countries. However, it is undeniable that this is a feasible solution for a noticeable decrease in environment issues people have concerned about such as global warming or air pollution which can adversely affect people’s health. The number of people who are likely to suffer from respiratory diseases caused by air contamination has gone up significantly in recent years. Therefore, in many countries, governments give incentives to hydrogen car buyers by subsidizing them an amount of money for purchasing this type of car. Particularly, Japanese government fund £17,000 per buyer to encourage the use of this eco-friendly car. Moreover, they use environment fund for constructing hydrogen filling stations and providing drivers the hydrogen free.

  • Satellite navigation (sat nav)

This sophisticated new technology not only helps drivers to find the shortest way to get destinations they want but also avoiding getting lost. In fact, sat nav systems can determine accurate locations by measuring distances from receiver to satellite. Besides, this system bases on radio signal’s moving time between receiver and satellite to measure journey time which allows drivers to predict how long their journey could take. In addition, the satellite navigation systems are designed to receive drivers’ voices with different languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese or Spanish helping people more focus on driving. People no longer have to look at the map screen to find the way, this system can give directions and the left time forecasted by the voice. Some sat nav systems can connect automatically to radio satellite in different areas making traveling time become less boring, especially for people who hate suffering from traffic congestion.

  • Back up camera on cars:

This technology gives drivers many advantages of navigation. People can observe everything outside through a screen in a car which allows people to know cars near the back of their cars or find the way to return instead of depending on another person’s direction outside or turn the head to observe everything. Many kinds of rear cameras can provide drivers clear quality of images in the evening or in poor light conditions.

All in all, the development of automobile technology brings considerable benefits to humans making the life become more convenient. Car innovations above seem to be revolutions of the automobile industry in many countries.

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